Hey.. This is Sandhya.. Yet another girl with jeans and tee.. Nuthin special.. I blog when I am angry.. Dun ask me wen I would be angry :P.. I love chatting and reading books.. Nuthin much to say about me :).. The summary is given as below:

I am in a state of figuring out…. Who am I??

The moment I started writing it out, I realized its quite difficult to put down myself in words plus I don’t really enjoy defining myself coz i think `the moment u define yourself … you confine yourself`.

Actually the problem (or maybe the boon) is that I operate from one extreme to the other with equal ease!!! (Eh… well almost….:)). The following are the probabilities of me having a particular trait at any given moment of time

Atheist — 25%
Psychopath — 20%
Glib liar –21%
Loner — 25%
Traditional –25%
Open book — 30%
Seeking attention –45%
Irresponsible –50%
Agnostic –50%
Diplomat — 50%
Extravagant — 50%
Flirt — 50%
Open book with cryptic text — 50%
Shove the stuff straight into your….(blunt) –50%
Tendency to exaggerate –50%
Versatile — 50%
Creative –60%
Loud-mouth –60%
Human relations specialist –60%
Psychologist — 60%
Perfectionist –65%
Instinctive –70%
Music-lover –60%
Tendency to elaborate –70%
Good company -70%
Confused — 70 %
Love to waste time –70%
Overwhelmed –75%
Trustworthy –75%
Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none –80%
Logical — 80%
Nice sense of humor — 80%
Practically emotional –80%
Sharp –80%
Genuine at heart –85%
Introspective — 90%
Extrovert — 90%
Talkative –90%
Never-satisfied –95%
Restless –99%
Thinking — 100%

Please Note: Since the above figures are not scientifically calculated qualities of same segment may not add up to 100 … Also there is a possibility of certain kind of contradictions based on common/normal definitions of above terms

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Sandhya

    reached your blog via the Pune blog meet mention. there was a note that ur from MS and were presenting on Live Writer.

    i am from MS myself and would be interested in connecting with you regarding blogs. could you please write to me via my email address (search the GAL)..

    Abhishek Kant

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