Stitch Fix #1 – July 2014

After fighting a long urge of subscribing to StitchFix, I finally gave in to the craving and subscribed to it. So, what the heck is StitchFix? Its like asking your mom to shop for you. Just kiddin’. Its a monthly subscription service where you get 5 handpicked items which are either clothing or accessories. You get 3 days to decide what you want to keep and what to send back. The service costs $20 but it goes as a credit towards the item if you decide to buy. Also, if you decide to keep your entire “fix”, you will get a 25% discount. Without much adieu, let me jump into what I got this time.


Based on what I asked for while filling out my styling profile, my stylist Yelena has sent me the following.


It looked awesome because I love shades of Green! And looked perfect for the summer.photo4


This is what I got:

1) Mystree Justine Abstract Printed Dress – S – $54

I loved it when I took it out. It wouldn’t be something that I would pick up myself in a store, but then I loved the material. But for some reason, I felt the dress was too short from behind. Probably its just me, but definitely I would send this back.




2) Mystree Andria Cap Sleeve Geo Print Dress – S – $68

OMG! I just so love this dress. I paired it up with my denim jacket just as instructed on the styling card. I am definitely going to keep this.




3) Amour Vert Tiara Abstract Print Silk top – S – $84

I sooo love this top and I paired it with a cyan jean that I had and topped it off with a denim jacket. OMG! I so love this. But I am not sure if I would pay $84 for a top. So this definitely goes back!



4)  Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank – S – $48

I loved the detail on this tank and I paired it up with the same pant that I wore for the previous top. Some reusability there! I am definitely keeping this one. The detail on the back was also awesome. photo5


5) Pomelo Colibri Bird Print Tab-Sleeved Blouse – S – $48

Well, on the first look, it did look large for its size it claimed. Also the print felt that as if I was wearing a pajama top! Not that I require a top to hug me but atleast it shouldn’t be this flowing. This is definitely going back!

photo1_1photo7 The total cost of my box was $302. If I chose to keep all 5 pieces, the cost comes to $211.50. You guys let me know what you think of my fix this time. I can’t wait for my next fix already!




PS – Please pardon the rotated images. I just dont know how to rotate it! :-/

One thought on “Stitch Fix #1 – July 2014

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