Salaaam Chennai!

I was travelling in the MRTS train that plies between Chennai Beach and Velachery with a train of thoguhts running in my mind.. The attack on Mumbai last week was still fresh and it made every commuter in the train look like a terrorist to me. I know! How mean of me.. But the impact was so high that I hardly could think of anything other than terrorism and giving possible reasons to myself so as substantiating my thoughts about the other person as a terrorist. 😛 ..

I was to get down at Mylapore and I had boarded the train at Chennai Fort.. I got myself a corner seat by the window as usual. Chennai had never looked more beautiful to me. It was the very same place I had been spending my last 22 years in. At every instant I wanted to get out of Chennai.. Cos I was totally exhausted of going to the same places over and over. I wanted a change.. I wanted to go to Bangalore.. I wanted to have fun and freak out.. I wanted to break all bonds at home and go as a vagabond.. I know it sounds exctiting but not for long.. Not at all exciting when you realise that you have to work towards repaying your educational loan and live in an apartment which takes away most of your salary.. That is indeed creepy when you plan to have an investment for the future..

How many times have I traveled in that MRTS and how I long to catch the glimpse of the coastline/beach when the train goes between chepauk and Triplicane.. Man.. Even the beach which I keep cribbing about suddenly looked very very beautiful.. Damn man.. I will miss Chennai.. My home town.. I have always wanted to get out of Chennai.. But now, I am in tears to leave my hometown and be adopted by the neighboring state for a few months..

Will Miss all the fun and all my friends at Chennai!!!

2 thoughts on “Salaaam Chennai!

  1. chills re..
    not to worry..
    its for life we move out of our places…
    and in ur case might be some people really need u as friends there in mysore..

    so take all as +ve and all will be fine..

    hve a blast…

    tke cre
    b well..

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