RUCK FULES! God Save India!

Awwright! You ve read it correct.. There is not typo or intended camouflage of words… The rules are all fucked up.. Exactly by those who make the rules! I am boiling by the very seeing of the repeated TV telecast of the violence that erupted at Dr.Ambedkar Law College by 2 groups which led to the merciless bashing up of youths.. The reason??? SOme predict it was because they had forgotten to mention the leader’s name and some say its the regular clash between the hostellers and the day scholars.. I ve never seen any clash like this at any point of my time..These are the very students who are our future judges and advocates.. The law of India is in the wrong hands?? Will Dr.Ambedkar stand to see thishad he been alive? Is it because to witness all these in the future that he fought his way to publishing journals advocating political rights and social freedom for India’s untouchables.

Sigh.. Its pathetic.. For all you guys who want to witness the gory incident check

If you have weak heart or any health ailments please do not watch the video. Disturbing images..

I am totally outta words in shock, frustration and anger. God Save India!

2 thoughts on “RUCK FULES! God Save India!

  1. Shocking and painful indeed. Imagine the parents of the guy who is getting beaten. Never would they have ever imagined that college life would do this to him when they first got him admitted. I am sure the illiterates are happy out there. If literates and educated people are like this, then they sure are much civilized and safe

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