To all the Insomniacs!

Well!! I know.. The title of the post sounds kinda sleepy alert?? Whatever.. Cos I am writing this post at the dead of the night. But then, I could ‘ve been peacefully sleeping but then I wanted to share an info with the whole lot of you.. You may all think! What does this female wanna tell others at the dead of the night! Before I get into the core information, a quick question!

How many of you sleep late like around 2-3 AM (like me), and you have to get up at 6-7 AM, just ‘cos you cannot sleep even though you are in bed around 11PM itself?

If you find yourself raising both your hands, then this post is for you. For others, please let me know how do you manage to catch sleep by 11PM πŸ˜› .

Anyways, addressing the whole lot of insomniacs out there, I found out a relatively cool but childish method to catch instant sleep! So, are you reading this in the dead of the night?? Hmm.. Then I guess you would be able to follow this method only after a couple of days or whatever..

Ok ok!! I am not taking it too long. Straight to the matter.. My cousins from US landed here a month back. They apparently traveled by Emirates and you must know how these kids get a lotta attention from the crew by pampering them with sweets and books and stuff. So, among those pampering stuff, my cousins got a book called Dr.Seuss’s Sleep Book.

Wow.. I know you wondering if there is a book to put you to sleep.. I know that few of you might even think that, “Big deal, There are voluminous Engineering books with us which put us to sleep instantly”. But then! This Sleep book is designed especially for kids aged 3-10. But you know, everybody has a child within him/her.

So, I was intrigued by this queer book and I started reading it out to my 4 year old cousin in bed. Its some 20 page book, at the size of your palm with dull colors and all cartoons and stuff with a sleepy rhymy story. Believe it or not! Before I could reach the 4th page, me and my cousin were fast asleep!! I dunno whats the magic. But, its really really a worthy book to have cos its so much easy to carry around. And it gives you instant sleep.. You dun have to take sleeping pills to catch some sleep or read voluminous books to get some sleep. Just Dr.Seuss’s Sleep book would do. I got the book for free but I guess itsΒ  available in for a few dollars.

The story begins with a small bug yawning. This yawn spreads (as yawns are terribly contagious) and then the book follows various creatures, including the foona lagoona baboona, throughout the lands who are sleeping, or preparing to sleep. Towards the end of the book the sleepers in the world are recorded by a special machine (“The Audio Telly O-Tally O-Count”). A Warning is printed on the inside cover of the book that “this book is to be read in bed” as it is intended to put children to sleep. The final line of the book is a simple, unmetered “Good night”. (Thanks Wikipedia πŸ™‚ )

There are no side effects unlike the sleeping pills πŸ˜› .. You carry it along with you when you travel (in case you are not used to getting sleep in new places :D). You can read it out to your noisy colleagues and put them to sleep ;-). (Forget the warning from the book!! Its for kids!! :P) Or read it silently during your meeting and doze off.

It is a must have by any book lover. What is the use of having money when you cannot catch some good sleep?? So, this is a good investment. Yaaaaaaawnnn.. Thinking of that book makes me yawn. Ok off to catch some sleep.. Happy reading and sleeping :-).

P.S: Its also useful for husbands who do not wish to listen to their brawling wives πŸ˜›

7 thoughts on “To all the Insomniacs!

  1. Fellow Insomniac here, reading this at 2:00 AM.

    I accuse you of trying to get me to sleep. The paragraph about the story actually made me Yawn.

    Darn, Another yawn now.

    I have an *yawn* advantage though *yawn* – atleast for some *yawn* time. I can sleep at 4 and get up at *yawn* 12, unlike you non-genuine non-adults *yawn*, ‘coz I’m a genuine *yawn* non-adult πŸ˜›

  2. hahahaha….good post… i usually…or going by last one months record…i sleep around 3 am everyday…but dunno whether am a insomniac…bcoz i sleep within 60 minutes to bed…may be my mom wud force me to read it if i get it home…so no taking risks…happy sleeping..oops blogging…. πŸ˜› …cheers..

    keep blogging,

  3. Sounds awesome…I have gotten sued to sleeping at office..plannign tog et computers to mom n dad and ask them to keep typing so that i get the ambience..

    Know this? SRK is a big time who knows tomorrow you too may be a star πŸ˜›

  4. Hey…found u…. πŸ™‚ hws u doing…and about being insominac well i can very proudly associate wid ya coz m self proclaimed nocturnal being πŸ˜‰

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