1 movie,1 talk, Multiple Versions and Personalities :P

Hey people..

Almost a month since i wrote a blogpost! I know.. Atrocious.. How can I do it? Well.. The month of June had been very very hectic for me. I was totally concnetrating on gearing myself with few MS technologies and taking sessions (Is it you, Sandhya?? 😛 ). . Anyways.. Realized that I needed to post abt some important happenings in June 🙂

June saw the release of Dasavatharam – The kamal Blockbuster!! Before you think “how cliched” or assume that my post is yet another review of the movie.. Hell no.. But I wanna share some trivia related to Dasa that happened in my life 🙂 ..

Being an ardent Kamal and Rajni fan, I did not want to miss out Dasa at any cost as I had missed watching SHivaji on the day of release due to some God-damn exams at college. So, my folks plan to go to Dasa at Albert with couple of aunts family and cousins. Being a huge number, we couldnt get 10 tickets for the first day show 😦 .. So I was thoroughly disappointed when my parents told “Ticket nahi mila”. I wanted to yell at the top of my voice.. But then came Kedhar’s call.. If you guys wondering who this new entry into the blog post is, Kedhar is one of my good friends and if you guys followinf Voice hunt on SS music, then you would definitely know him :-).. So, KD (kedhar will hence forth be knwn as this) calls me and tells, I have 2 tickets to Dasa at Mayajaal 4:30PM show.. Wanna come? Me and my cousin Dandu beamed. My mom tells “Mayajaal is tooooooo far.. It ll be late by the time u come home”.. I wanted to see the movie desperately. I tell KD, “Dude, amma not allowing 😦 “.. He tells “Idiot, tell its in Sathyam and come”.. ANd then I tell my mom “Amma its in Sathyam and not Mayajaal.. SOrry I heard it wrong.” My mom refused to believe and my cousin Dandu piped in “Yes perimma, its Sathyam only.” My mom finaly approves of it..

SO, the plan was like this. To meet KD and his gang of frnds at Mayajaal by 4 as we dint wanna miss out even the Ads which featured before the movie starts. But then, me and Dandu gotta call from Dandus mom asking us to come to GRT Grand Days for lunch as someone wanted to meet me and ask me something.. HE was sponsoring the lunch at the 7 star hotel.. WHo would not want to have free food at a 7 star hotel.. We were like “Yippeeee.. Free lunch” and proceed towards the hotel. Time was 1 Pm when we started from home and we had ample time to eat and get to the theatre.

So, we reach the hotel and we gobble up the food and I provide minimum information so that the uncle would host me again to get further information (“Evil Grin”) .. By the time we finish food and start it was 2 30 PM. And again we had to tell Dandus mom that we r going to Sathyam theatre and not Mayajaal cos she might call up my mom and tell.. So, we somehow manage to send her off in an auto to home and rush to t nagar bus stand. We take the wrong bus and realise that only after boarding and get down at Panagal Park and wait for a share auto to come along. Time was ticking very fasyt. It was 2 50 and the auto had not come. I was cursing myself for accepting the lunch invitation. FInally the auto came and we rushed to the bus stand.

We were so happy to find a direct bus which went straight to the multiplex which is actually located on the ECR on the outskirts of the city. We were otherwise planning to catch a bus to tiruvanmiyur and then take another bus to Mayajal. We hop into the bus and the time is 2:55.. The bus was full and the driver and the conductor yet to come. We dint expect turn of events here. The conductor climbed into the bus and I showed a thumbs up to Dandu and message KD that we have started. But the Conductor announces to everyone “Intha Bus pogaathu. Erangunga” which meant “This bus wont go. Please get down”. We were like WTF!!! WHy the hell should it happen only for us.. We were waiting in the bus for 10 precious minutes.. It was 3:05 when the announcement was made.

Me and Dandu get down and board a M7 to Tiruvanmiyur. We were pissed off.. We board a Dabba bus which I think wouldnt go more than 30km/hr.. It totally freaked us out. We wanted to push the driver and drive the bus ourselves. I sit with a hand on my cheek 😦 .. And finally we reach Tiruvanmiyur. Time was 3:45!! Phew!! Made it.. But we still had 30% of the journey to be covered. The theatre was still roughly 20 kms away from T’myur. There was no bloody buses there and even if we catch a bus it ll take definitely 30-35 mins minimum to reach the theatre.

We ask the auto men and they ask atrocious 160 bucks to go to Mayajaal.. So heartless. Petrol price hike Maam.. The only reason I get to hear these days from the Auto waalaas. TImes now 4:00 PM and KD is callin me.. He gets freaked out when i tell him that I am still at T’myur. SO, we see a share auto and offer him 80 bucks to take us straight to the multiplex. HE goes again at snails pace stopping and taking in passengers and it was bloody 4:15pm.. I request him to go fast. He tells gimme 100 bucks and I ll not board further passengers. I wanted to slap him but I had no other option but to oblige to his demands.

Finally, we reach Mayajal at 4:30 sharp and KD had informed me that he has instructed the security guard to allow us and that they had told our names to him as he had our tickets too. I rush in to Screen 7 which I see is crowded like mad.. Of course man.. Its the First Day show.. What do you expect?? I do not seem to find KD and his friends. I call him and he shows up somewhere from the crowd. And we exchange quick Hi’s.

Worst part was The 4:30 show that we were supposed to see started only at 5!!! I was totally pissed off.. I wasted a freaking 100 bucks to come in a stupid share auto which was not even worth.. But then, that money was totally worth to take some snaps around the theatre in the time that we got.

Watching the movie was the best thing. YElling..hooting.. Screaming.. What not.. We had total fun.. The screenplay of the movie was so fast like that of my life.. LOL..

So, the next problem is on its way. The movie gets over at 8:15pm and I need to get back home and Dandu to his. We dint know what to do. So, we decide to go with KD and his friends. KD and me on one scooty, Dandu and Arjun on another Scooty, Gautam and Aditi in the bus. So, I demand to KD that I needed to ride the scooty as I had never riden on the ECR. So I was going like Wheeeeeeee when KD was sitting behind and yelling “Paaaathu po maaa” which translates into “Pls go carefully.. SLow down”.. It resembled Kamal and Asin going inthe bike at full speed although we dint ram into anything.

So, finally we reach Tmyur bus stand and I reach home around 10 and Dandu at 10 15. We did get scoldings from parents for returning late but the scoldings are worth watching the movie with so much thrills 🙂


The youth must have all seen the Dasa within one week of its release. Apparently the oldies would wait for the crowd to get saturated and watch the movie aaaraam se. My Dadimaa takes some devotional song classes for other Dadimaas in the neighborhood. SO, today I was working on the computer when 1 dadi comes and tells my dadi, “Mami, Nethu Naan Dasavatharam ponen.. Appa Appa Appa.. Enna super a irunthuthu Theriyumo?” (Yesterday I went to Dasavatharam. WOw.. It was so super). Another Dadimaa pipes in ,”Aama Mami, Screenplay chache ey illa.. Enna maa eduthurukkan.. Appadiye aadi poyitten..” (Yes I accept. Screenplay is incomparable. He(Kamal), has taken so much effort to create the movie. I am totally flabbergasted by this bombastic production”).. The oldies keep reviewing every avaataar of Kamalhassan in the movie and I was stunned. And every one of them had seen it in the theatre and not on VCDs (surprising, isnt it?? 😉 ) ..

My grandma now is asking me to take her to the movie this weekend as the story has been exaggerated by my grandmas friends to her and she is bent down on seeing it @ Sathyam…

Ha ha ha.. Never knew one movie would be talk of the town amisdst all age groups and the heat is still on…

At Dasavatharam First day Show
At Dasavatharam First day Show