Finally!! The Chennai Blogger’s meet!!!

And finally, it was the blogger’s meet at my own hometown! Yup! Chennai! It was yet again a joint venture by Indiblogger and Microsoft. I had been to the previous meets organized by the Indiblogger as the representative of MS, but I have never seen a huge crowd as this at any other city.. The event was held at Hotel Dee Cee Manor at GN Chetty Road.. I wondered if the hall would be enough for 116 (and still counting) registered people.. But it seemed small and people were actually standing to see he proceedings.. I went to the venue around 3:45 PM, where the event was scheduled to start at 4! As I had been to other blogger meetings, I presumed that the event would no longer start by 5! But I was totally surprised to see the hall already half full with people talkin animatedly with the fellow bloggers..

The event, much to my surprise, started only 15-20 mins late!! The hall was totally overflowing! Man.. So, it all started by Indiblogger and Lemonade, the blogger who initiated the meet, giving their welcome and how they were too drunk to remember that who actually set up Indiblogger site amongst them ;-).. he he he.. Then came the 1 Min to fame!! Man.. It was the lengthiest part in any bloggers meet I ve seen.. There were few people who really were audible enough to stay in my heart like

  • The Pseudonym ( The guy I loved cos of his intro and then he covered my session with his handy cam!! 🙂 )
  • Puyal Ganesh (My dads colleague and only person to blog abt chennais traffic exclusively)
  • Rohit Channazhi (Was kind enough to give me a lift till Nungambakkam)
  • Kiruba Shankar (who doesnt know him!!!)
  • Dhruva (person who left last along with me 🙂 )
  • There was this guy whos link and name I forgot, and who gafve marriage and dating tips and apparently he is unmarried and not seeing someone!!! Geez!! How can I forget his link… SOmebody help me here!!!
  • And this Great Lakes Guy!! Wats his URL?????

The Intro part took too long that few people sitting behind me got uncomfortable and were constantly talking about leaving the meet and asking if they could go and have food!! ANyways, the Intro part ended and people scattered for the snacks.. I get up and go to have hot Bhajjis and stuff.. MAn!! But one guy  comes to me and asks.. “Are you from Microsoft? We are from NDTV.. We want you to come over there for a small talk”.. I was like “Wow!!”

And the NDTV crew was questioning the Indiblogger team and then that reporter indeed looked damn sweet and the female was also cute.. Infact the reporter reminded me of Parthiv Patel :-).. Shit!! I should have got his card or something.. But anyways, I was representin MS.. I should not behave like a “Pakki”.. (Chennai bloggers would know what a Pakki is 😛 ).. So, the guys from NDTV bring camera and stuff and totally freak me out.. But I felt like a star.. At this juncture, I thank Microsoft for letting me influence the blogging community 🙂 ..


SO, after the break we have this “How well do u know your readers” game.. Its fun.. But not many remembered their comments on pretext that “we have so many comments on our blogs.. We cant remember everything”.. Man.. thats a modest answer 😛

So, then we have our Pesudonym doing a talk on Mobile Blogging (hmm.. Thats intersting man!! ).. Then the main attraction of the event.. The play by the theaterical group THE REBELZ.. AwesomE! One word is not enough to describe it.. I was totally ROFL..

Then, the regular small skit by Indiblogger on spamming followed by my sesison of Live Writer.. But overall the meet was good.. and I loved it..

Nice meeting you all you guys!!! :-).. Looking forward to the Delhi and Kolkata meets 🙂