One Week @ Bangalore!

It was a hot friday afternoon and I was playing games on the computer with my visual studio work space open parallely as I was working on a project when my mobile rings. My face brightened up cos it was a call from Harish Ranganathan , the web developer evangelist from Microsoft with whom i intended to intern with. “Hey Sandhya, what are you doing? I am at Chennai for a session at Taj Coramandel. If you free come over to Taj for the session”, spoke Harish from the other end of the phone. I was like Yahoooooo I am gonna meet him after a loooong time..

So, I go to meet him and get to spend close to 4-5 hours with him talking about various things and stuff. Then, he tells me that I need to come to Bangalore on Sunday so that I can attend the Great Indian Developer SUmmit which was held between 19th and 23rd May. I tell yes and go ahead book the tickets and wait for the day to land at Bangalore. Yipppeee 🙂

Day 0:

Its Day 0 because, I land at Bangalore close to around 9 30 and only few hours left for day to end and I call Harish and find his fone switched off assuming his battery must have gone down. I then call another of my Microsoft colleague, Bijoy Singhal, who asks me to come to the office in an auto. So, I take an auto to the office at Domalur and reach the office at around 10 30. Who in the world would go to the office at 10:30 PM on a sunday evening with suitcase and backpack. Well, I did and I found out that my mentor Harish was there along with Bijoy and Reza.

After some fifteen minutes, me and the three guys decide to head to Bombay Post, Domlur for our dinner. By the time we reached, it was close to 11:15 PM. We had good food and came back to office. And after a while, Harish and me have a discussion on what should happen the next day..

Day 1:

Wait!! Its not morning yet! I discuss with my lead over fone to decide upon what to present for the next day and I was getting nervous all the while ‘cos he is entrusting a big responsibility on me. Or rather thats what I felt. SO, I retire at around 3 to my friends place nearby… But I couldnt sleep ‘cos I was nervous.. But all i remember next was me being waken up by my alarm and repeated phone calls by my lead. SHit! It is dawn and its a big day for me. I get ready at a snails pace and skip breakfast to reach the venue, IISc, on time. We get there and attend the Keynote by Mr.Srini Koppalu. Then, I head back to the stall for Microsoft where I had to give few demos. Me and another friend/intern, Gautami, give demos on Silverlight and Expression Blend. Am very tired and so is my lead. We decide to head back to he guest house after the sessions are done. So, we head back to the guest house and after a light dinner and a small over the table discussion about the next day’s plan, I get dropped back at my friends place. I still wasnt able to sleep owing to the tension thinking about tomorrow. Then I doze off…

Day 2:

I am again woken up by repeated alarm from my mobile and calls from my lead to wake up. I push myself to the bathroom for a shower and get ready. We leave the guest house and reach the venue. The day was not bad. It goes off quickly.. That night, there is a .NET Champagne Party for the developers and we head to it at some 5 star hotel which I dun remember ‘cos I was running temperature. I was totally sick and wasnt able to move my body. But yet I make it to the party. I have silent fun watching people interact, drink and party. I gulp down few sips of coke (only coke 😛 ).. By the time I had dinner I was totally exhausted and wished I could hit the sacks asap. And I reach my friends house around 12! I go hit the sacks straight after wishing good night to my lead after him taking care of me by giving me some pills to reduce my temperature.. Thanks Harish na :P..

Day 3:

The next day dawned and my lead called up and told that we are leaving a bit late by 20 mins, and i was happy that i could sleep for that extra 20 mins. I again overslept and took time to get ready and we went really late by an hour! The day was not bad.. Went fast and we went to the office to do few work and then we decided to go to a movie after a dinner. 7 of us, headed to the Garuda Mall INOX for the movie Narnia 2. I thought it would like the most boring movie ‘cos I dint know the story of part 1. But then its always fun when you are going together as a team. We enjoyed the movie thoroughly and had fun and went back around 1. What else next? Hit the sacks!! Went to a state of trance as I had a tiring day!

Day 4:

It was Java day at the meet. So we ppl at Microsoft had actually no work there.. So, I head to the office and do some pending work assigned and had to meet few people for lunch to discuss stuff. Also I had to book my tickets back to CHennai. I look upto harish to book my tickets and he was leaving that afternoon at 3 to Hyderabad. So, I had to finish every work of mine before my lead leaves. So, he gets back to me after a meeting and books my ticket. But in a state of urgency he books it to Hyderabad instead of Chennai. So, we had to cancel it and to do it more effectively, I go to the airport with him. We cancel the ticket and book a new ticket to Chennai. After I get my tickets, I tell a silent bye to Harish. I did not want my mentor to leave ‘cos he had helped so much to achieve and advices he gave on career and the fun we had in the team was awesome. I was controlling my tears and did not look back and boarded the cab and got back to the office. Harish calls me from the airport asking me if I had got back to the office safely. I say yes with tears rolling down from my eyes. And I tell him Safe flight and cut the call. Meanwhile I get a message telling that my results have come and I become a nervous wreck. When I check my results, it was a whooping 82.4 percent and I was damn happy. I ve passed Engineering in first class with distinction. I call up my folks to tell them my result and message my lead about it. The happiest person that day as me apart from being the saddest person.

Day 5:

I spend the previous night at my cousins place and get to work in the morning with an evening flight to catch to Chennai. I work in the morning, with a hangover of so many good memories and fun that happened this week that I feel so bad to leave Bangalore and come to Chennai.. But I spent the whole day brooding about this and it was time I left for the airport and I catch a cab and go to the airport. It was the last day of working of the HAL airport. I was one of those few lucky souls who got to fly on the last day of this airport.. I land at Chennai with the hangover still on.

Day 6:

I spend a night coding applications and I wake up to some trance. And here I am writing about it.. I am waiting to get back to Bangalore to join my team and have fun.. Hopefully it should be next week.. 🙂

Gonna be a Bear!

I came across these words in a picture and it was really really cute.. I hope you ppl enjoy the words as well..

In this life l am a woman. In my next life I would like to come back as a bear. When you’re a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but to sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you’re are supposed to eat like stupid. I’d deal with that too.

When you are a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you are sleeping and wake up to partially grown cute, cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that.

If you are a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too 🙂 . I could deal with that.

If you are a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup! Gonna be a bear 😉Cute bear