I ve been Tagged!

Oh yeah! I ve been tagged by Ranjani.. She has been messaging, pinging, calling and wat not to ask me to write my tagged post.. Finally got time to write it today… Ok here it goes!!!



  1. My childhood! (Sob.. I really wish i never grew out of 3rd std)
  2. My School days at Vyasa Vidyalaya.
  3. Enid Blyton books (Someday I am going to buy the whole famous five collection and the faraway tree ones once i start earning)
  4. My innocence 😛 (Evil grin)
  5. Vishnu and Viresh (My cousins in the US to whom i dedicate my blog) and ofcourse VK my uncle who has always been there whenever i needed him..
  6. My college life.. We had hella lotta fun and called ourselves Carte Blanche.. Total freedom… 🙂
  7.  I miss my blogspot blog.. waaaa… Some jerk hacked it and he ll have a terible life.. .waaaaa
  8. The last but not the least.. I miss my stipend from Microsoft.. Waiting to get  my hands on the money.. ( I am not materialistic alright but I do have my own basic needs.. I dun work for free 😛 )

I cant think of anymore which I miss. Am leading a contented life with gr8 frnds and family.. Now lets nove on to the next one!!

10 things i want to achieve within a decade:

  1. Be a permanent employee at Microsoft or Google
  2. Adopt a kid.
  3. Get married 😛
  4. To shun out more negative thoughts and become a bit philosophical.
  5. To be a member of ISKCON.
  6. To visit all the 7 wonders of the world (past and the present) 🙂
  7. Before that I need to go around India, all alone.. Trekking and travelling 🙂
  8. Have a great blog with lots of blog posts 😛
  9. To shun my laziness and learn a lot of things in my life..
  10. Last but not the least, I would love to sponsor a couple of kids education and see them grow into great individuals.. If money is not a constraint, I can sponsor more kids…

Thats all about myself.. I now tag the following people..





9 thoughts on “I ve been Tagged!

  1. 🙂 nice… backpacking and trekking.. so much fun, and i love to do it… but not easily @ my reach… 😦
    Things I miss:My innocence – thsi one is superb 😀 LOL…

    all the best for the wish list 🙂 will take up this tag soon…

  2. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.

    Sandhya…..Sorry. But what exactly is this tagging stuff?

    Seems you are studious kind of stuff who used to top in the Class througout all the academics…..IIT?


  3. Tag is someone mentions u with few questions.. u have to answr them.. its fun..

    ANd BTW am not from IIT and stuff.. :-).. so relax 🙂

  4. Whoa!sandy gal!thanks for coming up with the post after a long long time!:)I have dont two other tags after that!I will tag you with another one soon!

    “She has been messaging, pinging, calling and wat not to ask me to write my tagged post..”

    Ha ha!maanatha vaangitta!

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