Adieu to KG, Kunal and Haricharan!

Long time since I actually blogged my feelings.. down from my heart.. Lots of things have happend in the past couple of weeks, both good and worst. But this is something that has affected me to the core. Yup! Losing my very good friends. And guess atleast once in a lifetime some of u out there must have undergone it but losing 3 ppl at the same time over a trivial issue is devastating. U may think I am being supersitious or something but what I feel is that I should not have even written a blog entry on my fight and patch up with my (ex)friend KG.  I was happy to blog on it ‘cos I had that nearly losing my friend feeling and I did not want to lose him in the future and how much his friendship meant to me. But, the worst thing unimaginable happend. 😦

It was in September 2006 that Me and Vivek went to MNM Engineering college culturals. We had a friend SR, studying there. Thats when we met Ashwin, Kunal and Haricharan and in no time we were fast friends sharing all emotions, going to movies, coffee days, hanging out at someones place and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and of course group studying for our semester exams and calculating the marks post exams. We attended the same GRE classes and had fun. We helped each other with applying to the universities and what not? I dedicate this post to Ashwin KG, Kunal and Hari…

 Dear guys,

Sometimes deep in the corner of my heart, I ve always felt that I had some difference of treatment from you. I did not know if it was just my perception or it was for real. ‘Cos whenever I used to call uto my home, you would never come stating the fact that its far. Well… How many times have i come to ur place irrespective of the sun,rain and wind just to spend time with u… to be in ur company.. have some memorable time.. How was i to know that everything was to go down a drain.. I may have this inferiority complex that am not from a well to do family as each of u.. but i assumed friendship is more of love and emotions and “being there when u need” than some stupid money or a prank played on u…

When I lie down on my bed and see all those flourescent stars stuck on to my bedroom ceiling, I am reminded only if the times that we all spent at SRs home and coffee world and eatallica and Alwarpet! Even on the day we met at beach for reconciling, I thought it was a very trivial issue and that it would be solved and we would probably head to another coffee joint to have some fun.. But instead, it was the last day that we met each other in person..

WHo loves to get blamed for something that they did not do intentionally? YEs, i came forward to meet you guys and say sorry but u guys kept criticizing as if I did a wrong thing. Pulling ur legs was wrong, KUnal? Vivek advising Kunal was wrong Ashwin? And ordering me to apologize to KG and Kunal was hurting, Hari without knowing who was wrong.

Anyways guys, I thought we may be friends forever. Now its like even if we want, we ll be friends for NEVER.

@KG: KG, if u r reading this post, I d like to tell how much i ve loved you and I know shouting at u the other day was not my cup of tea but everything has a threshold. If not for friends who would shout at u for some wrong u ve done?

@Hari: I ll miss all ur future concerts and whenever I hear ur songs, I ll be in tears.

@Kunal: Kunnu.. I ll not have anyone to flirt with on Yahoo msgr or do that Ctrl+G thingy on the falling hearts IM Environment just to annoy you for fun. Annoying you has taken a new dimension now. Its no longer fun. It made me realise a worth of friendship.

I am not sure how many times u guys have thought about me or even tried to patch up. Even yesterday i felt sorry for having shouted at KG. Its too late for a reconcilement. Words spoken in anger can never be taken back.

All you guys..  Have a great future in the US..

@Readers: SOrry for the totally depressing post.. I needed to vent my emotions 😦


10 thoughts on “Adieu to KG, Kunal and Haricharan!

  1. Hey I too was going through a phase some time back when I thought that now we could be friends no more with one of my best friends but now things are back to normal.. I dont exactly know whats the situation like in your case but nothing lasts forever. So my friend, just have trust in power of friendship and I am sure all will sort out.. 🙂
    Praying that you too are lucky like me 🙂

  2. one thing i have learned from all my relations is that, true friendship do break and bond at times… If thse guys too miss you really like you miss them – then dont worry, the friendship wont break for ever. To lose a friend is one of the hardest things – painful and emotionaly straining… to lose guys and gals whom we thought will be with us through thick and thing is not a small thing… have been at that stage a couple of times…
    hope the friendship sprouts back if all r really true. I can feel the emotions and pain in your post… take care, dear.

  3. Its not tht I do not have any other good friends apart from these three.. But wat makes me sad is that I ve spent greater part of my outings and restaurant and movie visits with them.. Infact I can name 5-6 other guys who were there with me all through my difficult times although they were not part of my happy times as they were held with their busy schedule… But lets see wat the future has in store.. I ve stopped speculating anything.. Anyways Thanks Anoop and Himank..

  4. hey wat tis crap….. we r humans,we tend to make mistakes.see u can see tis stuff in dir angle…y so much tension….
    dont start to hate people …u wil den hate urself one day…just take t lightly…
    t wil surely come down…. after all we r humans….. 🙂

  5. Its not that I hate ppl.. I dun hate anyone.. Maybe its just that sometimes Ilose my temper. Yes i do.. But doesnt mean i do it always.. U know abt me rame 🙂

  6. Er! You came to MNM Jain Engg College Culturals?
    I was one of the organizers there. How come I missed you? 😀
    And yes. This post is depressing!

  7. I was the head of Quiz! You may have noticed me but then leave it.

    I was thinking this ‘tribute’ would end on a happy note. But then, very depressing indeed!

  8. I always think of the phrase “Like the humans do” whenever I get depressed. Yes,,, its true, most of us fail to reciprocate the love others show on us.. Even I’m going through similar emotional humiliations,, Hope time helps,, ‘coz time heals,,

    >>”@Readers: SOrry for the totally depressing post.. I needed to vent my emotions”

    Never apologize,, ‘coz thats what for Blogs are,, an’ even I do the same…

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