Sometimes I think whats the purpose of this life.. Sometimes people who think U love leave you and sometimes people who u hate help you..

Sometimes life runs on serendipity (for me most of the times 😉 ).. Sometimes life is a journey where you meet interesting people or at least they stumble on u. Sometimes you feel like rolling on the floor and laughing while sometimes you feel like crying out on the top of you voice.

Sometimes you dont get what you expect and sometimes you get what you detest. Sometimes you must learn to appreciate what you have and sometimes you must do some hard work to get the extra luxury in your life. Sometimes life is full of misery. Sometimes its a chain of happy events and then a chain of sad events followed. Sometimes life teaches you a lesson the hard way when you are least expecting it.

Sometimes I feel lonely. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I wonder out loud about friends who have betrayed me. Sometimes I wish I was rich, money wise. Sometimes I wish I was famous so that I get all attention. Sometimes I wish i was the only kid of my parents. Sometimes I wish college life never ends. Sometimes I wish that I never grow up but remain the same.

Sometimes I search within myself for an answer that noone can give me. Sometimes I am irritated to know that am such a confused girl. Sometimes I feel why I am still dependent on my folks. Sometimes I wonder why I am I not able to achieve certain things in life. Sometimes I feel why am i not born as a boy to enjoy unlimited freedom. Sometimes I want to fly on the clouds.. Sometimes I wonder why India is such a deprived country when so much resources are available. Sometimes I wish secretly that I had an Alladin’s magic lamp to cure all the miseries around me.

Sometimes now you might secretly wish that this blog post comes to an end cos its so energy draining 😉 .. Sometimes I wish life has an answer to all my questions.. Sometimes…..

6 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. confusion…total confusion..
    there is an answer to all the questions of life – the answer is 42. it is the question we are yet to find out…
    well, all this and a half takes to make the cocktail that is called life… u r not alone da.. at times, we all go through all this confusions… take a moment at a time and enjoy what life throws at you…

  2. hey!…i read some of ur posts..really good..and this one in particular was awesome..sometimes yes even i think that way,there are infinite things which we could have possessed or be blessed with ,which could have made such huge difference in life,but i think we should quite be thankful with the way our lives are shaped ,because people who blessed with things which we long for ,quite often take it for granted and ironically, sometimes even we find ourself in that situation….

  3. @karthick: yup!! thats wat Bhagavad gita tells.. do ur karma and do not expect anything inr eturn.. So soemtimes it happens 😛 .. ha ha ha.. anywyas thanks for the comment

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