Hmmm… Such a common answer for anything anybody asks for. The irony is the answer depends on how you nod your head.. Either a yes or a no! Now you may be going hmmm ‘cos am clueless so as what to blog on But then when I was doing that Hmmm thingy now, it just struck me that Mr.Laloo Yadav had declared(??!!!) the railway budget and am so surprised about the concessions he has come forward to offer the common man.. Now the common man’s turn to do the Hmmm.!!

Is this railway budget a boon or a fad? For me, as a frequent user of the Indian Railways, I came to know about the free monthly passes for the female students until their graduate level.. Adding to the daily commuters woes, there will be an extra crowd of the female chicks and plus their boyfriends who would want to travel with them or the local guys who would want to show off in front of the female crowd!! Hmmmm….. (Argh!!!!)

And yeah one more thing to go Hmmm on is that Mr.Laloo has announced that there ll be no more unmanned railway stations.. Yay!! And now that people need not have to do the Hmmmm before crossing the railway tracks exception being whenever they cross it overlooking the closed gates. Hmmm 😛

I know that I ve been crappin enough for all you guys to go hmm… I also know hmmm… that its one of my worst posts.. But trust me, I ve been so very idle all these while that i ve been only doing Hmmm for every minute and finally the day long of Hmmmm ing has resulted in this (s)crap 😛

Anyways thanks a lot for reading my post.. I hope it made you go Hmmm 🙂