Bang!!! Was the Bangalore Bloggers meet!!!

“Why the hell do I have to go to my office on an early Saturday morning… Sleep some more time Sand…” It was the little voice in my brain which spoke after my alarm rang at 7 AM..

But it was a very important day in my life as a Blogger and as a Microsoft intern.. cos I was co ordinating the meet on behalf of MS and also was excited to meet other bloggers at Bangalore..

 So, I got ready and was waiting for my cab. Cab came like 2 hours late!!! (WTF!!!!)… When I went to the office, it was totally deserted.. Poor me.. Only I had meetings and stuff on saturdays..

 So, I dragged myself into the office hoping I would have fun at the bloggers meet and so that my day was made up atleast that way. I went to one of the meeting rooms where I found rest of my team already waiting for me.. I sat down with them to discuss about the evening’s agenda and presentation stuff as I was presenting a session on Windows Live Writer.

 Once I entered the small meeting room which was occupied by my lead Deepak and a bunch of my team guys, I was ordered to show a demo to them. LOL.. I did not expect this. I was prepared for an impromptou session at the meet… Anyways I blurted out something in front of them which made them decide that I was ok for a first timer (for the session 😉 ).

By the time I realized, it was 3:45. I rushed to the other Microsoft building from the Signature building and half the way I realized I had forgotten my notebook. I came back and by the time I reached it was exactly 4 PM. (Finally made it on time)!

Anyways, as expected, the meet started only at 4:30 PM. By then there were 60 bloggers in the hall!! Anwin, the Bangalore Blogger and a part of IndiBlogger team gave the welcome speech, followed by Renie who gave a speech on Indiblogger. The fun part followed it through the Self Introduction of Bloggers. It was a melange of interests and totally a pot pourri of people sitting there. I also gave a self intro on the podium although am a Chennai blogger (for which I got a nasty comment of “GET OUT” wen I mentioned it. 😦 ).

How much more interesting can an event get? Yes, it can at the Bloggers meet. The intros were followed by a game “How well do you know your reader?”.  That was great fun too. We had a small coffee break and the dinner was combined eventually taking advantage of the BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG Break that the bloggers were taking.

I was forced to discontinue my animated conversation with a blogger by Renie 😦 to present my Live Writer session. Anyways, I dun wish to elaborate on the session here as I had tough time handling the crowd and the questions (to be candid 😉 ). I loved it anyways.. Was an experience.. Then it was followed by a session given by LeadCap, who talked about leadership stuff.

Then, it was time to bid adieu. Business cards were exchanged, URLs were given.. Finally, we bade goodbye to all bloggers for giving us a fun time. Then again came the second fun part. It was already 10:15 by the time we packed up..

Then we went back to the signature building and had good chat for half an hour and then decided to have Ice creams at Corner House. I had an Almomd Fudge.. (After which I got this terrible tooth pain!! 😦 ). It was 11:15 and am still at Indra Nagar and my home is at Basvangudi which is almost 12kms from that place. The worst part is that I ve a train at 6 AM the next day and I am yet to pack my stuff..

Anyways, the guys came forward to drop me in the cab and we had fun all the way chatting back to my home…

Over all, the Bangalore Bloggers meet was total fun and it was reallllly cool. I am looking forward for the Hyderabad meet on March 1st..

Thank you IndiBlogger for giving us an opportunity to work with you 🙂