How Sandhya argued, fought and patched up with KG :-)

Yesterday (7th feb), dawned with a more sluggishness for me. Cos the previous night I had one of the biggest quarrels with one of my best friends Ashwin, whom we fondly call KG. If you are wondering what KG is, it has 2 significant meaning.

1. Its his initials.

2. He is a year younger than us but still he studies in our class. So he is like a Kinder Garden(KG) kid to us.. he he he 🙂

Anyways, coming back to the fight part.. It all started when Vivek told me that KG was involved in a big time affair with one gal and that everyone in the gang knew it and that I was the last one to know. What made matters worse was everyone knew it 2 months back when I was away at Mumbai!!!

I really got wild and started blasting KG right away.. (But still he denies his affair (WTF???!?!!!!)) This led to a verbal duel over the SMS and went to an extent of spiltting up and subsequent I hate yous and stuff.. This went on till late night till KG slept I guess ‘cos after sometime it became an one sided conversation with only me blasting KG. LOL.. KG sleeps soon or atleast assumes to sleep when he faces a critical situation.. 😉

I woke up and realized I had not got any regualr forwards from KG. I felt bad.. Really bad.. Maybe did I overreact?? Yes of course.. Come on! It was KG’s personal life and how can i even dictate him or take him for granted.. I thought I could ask him a sorry..

So I messaged him tellin I was really sorry for happened the previous night. He started tellin he never expected so sensitive words from me (pssstt… I over reacted and used all foul words 😛 ). He was making a big scene out of it when I asked sorry. Usually KG is a guy without any formalities. We have fought zillion times earlier and had patched up but this time KG told me “Even though I accept ur apologies, I wont behave normal with u”. I was shocked. I ll miss him. Wat do i do now? All my mistake… I should not have done it..

The solution came in the form of Radio City (91.1 FM). I was apparently traveling and was listening to radio on my mobile. Incidentally I was listentin to Radio City. They conduct this program called Breakfast with Chennai in the mornings and a part of that program is called CITY PANCHAYAT where u can express your emotions to someone over the radio Live!!!!

I immediately took my mobile and dialled the number they told.. Got the line immediately and the RJ picked up and I explained my situation. (Not on Air!!) He took KGs number from me to give him a surprise call and connect him with me on AIr thru the FM.

First, they called me to go on AIR and I spoke LIVE about why I fought and all stuff and that I am sorry about it. (KG dint know all these 😉 ). Then again after 5 mins I was connected with KG online and I asked him sorry. He was actually so emotionless… A$#H&*&.. The RJs themselves told that he ought to ve showed more emotions towards me who was so sweet to call on to a radio station and ask a sorry LIVE on AIR.. Trust me,KG talks a lot on SMS but when u call him, he is the most irritating guy to speak with. All he speaks is hmmm.. yeah..ok… He pisses off people like hell when they call him..

Anyways, KG messaged me after the show telling I was so sweet to ask him sorry in such a different way and to celebrate the re union we all went out today for lunch 🙂 .

Thank you Radio City.. Sorry KG once again.. Friends forever 🙂