Will I Miss my College?

I was a newbee in 2004 at my college. Like any other migrant from school to college, I was also looking forward for the college life which is projected exaggeratedly on the sliver screen. But nothing of that sort works out here in Tamil Nadu esp if you land up in a Jeppiar run institution.. And I thank God that I am not in one of those institutions.


I realized that they treated us no better than a school student. I thought that if I wanna have fun, then its in my hands. I wanted to make full use of the college life. I started attending symposiums and culturals. I cared less about attending classes. While my other classmates were busy banging their heads onto the voluminous Engg. books, I was busy attending Quizzes and Dumb Cs :-). . There was no fest without me.


Slowly, I started becoming a well known gal in my college though thats not I wanted.. But luckily, I was projected as an all rounder as I managed to scrape through all my univ exams with a decent score although I was not the topper :P. For me marks are just numbers. U live your life once and U need to enjoy it to the fullest.


Third year saw me becoming the Microsoft Student Partner, something which I never even dreamt of becoming and I also got placed in Infosys, which I was sure of ;-). I was more than happy in my life. Freaking out, having fun, last min study for exams.. A typical engg student..For me, enjoying mattered the most. I cared less for assignments and tests. I hated lectures.. I always hung with boys. I dint want to be a normal girl, sitting in groups and giggling away all time. Yuck!


Final year came and it promoted me to becoming an intern/influencer at Microsoft which was the most least thing I would ve expected in my life. I was all through my life an aimless gal taking life as it came. But now, am an influencer at Microsoft!!! I have now responsibilities to shoulder. Lots of them.


I look back at the time where I used to have pure fun at college.. Now, going to college has become a rarity. Last bench was my place. Now, when I go to college, my seat is occupied by someone else!! (WTF!!! Its my seat!!!).. But I am still having fun whenever I go to college ‘cos its only 3 months and after which I would be bidding adieu to my student life.


I really would miss all my classmates and fun that I had in my college :'(. Psssst.. I wont miss my staff! They tortured me with tests πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “Will I Miss my College?

  1. Dont you worry… I had the same feeling when I came out of college. Now hardly I am in touch with 10 people.

    by the way, what is Microsoft Student Partner?

  2. Microsoft Student Partner or MSP as we would call it, is a program where u are partnered as a student with MS to teach and enlighten students about MS technologies.. We go to various colleges taking sessions and delivering seminaras and Hands on labs on MS technologies πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome to the working world, but working isn’t boring either it can be lot of fun depending where you work.

    When I was in college, I was told told that these are the few days I can enjoy and have fun. But that wasn’t true.

  4. They don’t pay me for being a MSP although we enjoy a lotta privileges like getting MSDN subscription to licensed s/ws :-).. But for being an intern, yes they do πŸ™‚

  5. ‘For me marks are just numbers’ wow. there are oterh ppl who think like me. i used to stop writing the exam the moment i am sure i have answerd questions ofr 70% marks πŸ˜‰ college life and study – they are not at all related – college life is to enjoy; take part in all teh activites and culturals πŸ™‚ we all will keep missing our college life – kind of sweet pain, i guess.

  6. I watch too many movies,,, sometimes the most “mokkais” of all…. thats wat my frns used to categorize them as.. what I cared the most is the feeling @ the end of it.. the climax,,, i like the movie if it puts me in “Silent Mode” at last, which sets me pondering abt it at least for sometimes..

    So does this post.

    It means…….. Though there ‘s nothing unusual (mokka-post) ,, i liked it.


  7. I’m viewing this page in Mozilla Firefox running in Ubuntu 8 while listening to Guns n Roses in Amarok. Even as I am commenting, my cousin is pinging me in GIMP.
    Sorry, but no Microsoft for me! Open Source is in! πŸ˜€

  8. Nice thing its.aftr reading al these went to my old days….
    but aftr few years u wil b in tune with ur new life n u wnt gt time to think all these….
    am i rit???

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