Another of Vishnu’s questions :-)

KIDS!!!!!!! That one word turns me on… I love them hell a lot.. And this article is about one of the most hilarious incidents that happened wen my cousin Vishnu was visiting us..

It was a warm July night… Not to mention it was the vacation time in the middle east and the US! And of course not to forget that the academic calendar has just begun in India…

So.. That meant frolic for kids n students in US n Middle east n frustration for the kids n students in India..

Vishnu, my 7 year old cousin, landed in India on one warm July night…. I would say that he is a child prodigy with a budding talent of a great singer within him.. It also happened to be that time where my 17 yr old cousin from Dubai was also down here… So it was kinda family reunion after a long time…

Vishnu had this habit of being told a bedtime story every night… Vishnu always liked interactive stories where he liked to guess the upcoming part of the story…

So one night it was the turn of one of my uncle to tell him a story.. He finally decided to tell him a Akbar n Birbal story and to conclude how witty birbal was… So he started the story telling.. And since visnhu was a US bred kid, my uncle decided to tell the story in Tamil as everyone wanted VIshnus Tamil skills to improve…

“Ahem Ahem….”, my uncle cleared his throat. “Once there lived a mighty king called Akbar… He was a very famous and powerful king….”, continued my uncle (in Tamil of course..). “He had nine ministers in his court called Navratnas.. Among them Birbal was a pulavar..” Upon stumbling upon a word which was quite strong in tamil to Vishnu such as PULAVAR, he decided to explain wat it is to him.. He asked VIshnu, “Unshu baby, do you know wat a PULAVAR means??”.. Vishnu nodded his head in enthusiasm that he knew the word. He told “I know perippa”..

We were all surprised by the fact that Vishnu knew this word.. SO we wanted to hear from him the meaning.. So my uncle told “Good baby, tell me what does it mean”….

Vishnu sat up in the bed and was kinda so brimmed up with enthusiasm as he felt that he was the center of attention in explaining a word he knew.. He put on a serious face and started to explain. We all leaned forward expecting him to tell the exact meaning of the word…

But BINGO… we had a surprise…

Vishnu continued with his explanation ” U know perippa?? Wen we travel for loong distances like from LA to Fremont, and we get tired of driving and u need to stop somewhere on the roadside for eating and taking rest, thats called PULAVAR!!!”

We couldnt help laughing.. What he actually meant was a PULLOVER!! We had a nice laughter until our tummies hurt… Vishnu asked innocently” Oh!!! Was i wrong????”, on seeing our expressions…

My uncle immediately told him that he was not wrong and he was right and just that he changed languages.. And then explained him the meaning of PULAVAR which means poet/scholar.. Vishnu just grinned and thus continued the story telling for him..

Still we couldnt forget that incident where we kept laughing and discussing abt it during most of his stay!!!

The above incident is an example of how much kids observe these days and how they imply their observation…..

4 thoughts on “Another of Vishnu’s questions :-)

  1. I ve heard so much about this kid that now i want to desperately meet him! absolute rock star! listening things abt him is a relazation in itself! imagine someone like sandhya chattering and yet u like sth that she says! LOL! ha ha ha….this kid actually is more like sandhya wonder its a rockstar!

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