Vishnu’s Story!

The Story below was written by cousin Vishnu, who lives at Fremont, California and is 7 years old. I was just amazed at the way he has written the story.. I just wanted to share his story with the world. The story is based on his real life project of collecting and re-cycling plastic bottles. It has a message. It sure can be implemented in our country. Congrats Unshu! I love you so much :-*



Once there lived a boy. His name was Donny and he was 7 years old. He lived in Fremont, California and went to Dragon Elementary school. He had a little brother and he lived in his house with his mom and dad. Donny loved to read, you give him anything readable, he will read it.


One day he found a plastic bottle on the ground. He started to read the label. It said on the label, CA CRV. Then, he asked his mom, “Mommy, what does CA CRV mean?” His mom said, “Well, Donny, CA CRV means California Cash Redemption Value, which means if you give these bottles the recycle center you will get money. You can even give it to your school. Your school will recycle it and get money to go on field trips!” Donny said, “Mommy I want to start collecting bottles”. Mommy said, “Okay Donny!”<!–[endif]–>


Next day, Donny went to some houses nearby and told twenty people about his project for school and gave them bags to collect bottles. He asked them for ten bottles each week. After a week he went to their houses and each house gave him ten bottles at the least. He got two hundred bottles. He said to himself “If I go to twenty houses for 5 weeks, I will get one thousand bottles.” So the next week he went to the same houses and they all gave him bottles. He counted his bottles and he got 400 bottles this week. “Wow!” said Donny.

“Now I just need 400 more and I will have one thousand bottles!” The next week Donny went to his mom’s company and asked twenty of his mom’s friends to him bottles. A week later he got lots of bottles. He counted his bottles, there were 400 bottles. “Yippee! I have one thousand bottles!” said Donny. Then Donny asked his mom, “Mommy, how much money is 1,000 bottles?” His mom used the calculator and said, “1000 X 0.05, that is $50”. Donny was very happy and he screamed, “I have $50, I want to get two thousand bottles now.”


He then went to his dad’s company and he got 100 bottles. Also his classmates collected bottles for the school. He collected from all those houses in the neighborhood every week using a wagon, his mom brought him bottles from her office friends and he kept getting more and more. He loved counting the bottles with his brother and family. They crushed them with their feet to so it will take less space to store. It was lot of fun every week. Donny and his mom went to recycle center and gave the bottles and got money for the bottles each week. One day, he called his grandma in Brazil and asked her to collect bottles for his school project. His grandma said, “Yes dear, I will surely do it for you! It is a great project, good job.”


His grandma asked everyone is San Paolo to collect bottles. Everybody gave her lots of bottles. She counted the bottles and they were 600 bottles. She called Donny and told him she got 600 bottles. Donny asked his grandma to Fed Ex it to him. The bottles went to a Fed Ex truck, then to the airport and there was DHL plane was taking it to CA. On the way there was a tornado. It struck right on the plane and the pilot turned off the engine thinking the plane will come down. Instead the tornado took the plane all the way from the Pacific Ocean to Fremont, California, right to the front of Donny’s house. Donny was so very excited.

A plane landing in your house does not happen every day. News reporters came there to cover this story. Many reporters came and they took a lot of pictures. They asked Donny questions – “Why are the bottles here?” Donny said, “I am doing a project for my school and my grandma sent these bottles for me.” Then the next reporter asked him, “What did you gain out of this project Donny?” “I learnt that recycling is good the environment and I raised money for my school from CA CRV.” Another reporter asked, “What’s next Donny?” Donny said, “Well, I want to do this project for my college funds”. “Okay wow!! We can try our best to ask every company in CA to give you bottles through our news. Our news will come on TV at 5pm.” Donny turned on the TV. They showed how the plane landed and how Donny spoke. A little later the plane left.

 He waited for a week and a Fed Ex truck got him thousands and thousands of bottles. He got enough bottles for his college fund. Donny grew up and went to college. He became a Bottle Millionaire because he started a recycling business. He has a message now, “It is good to recycle, but best is to Use Less. Do not make it useless.”

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