Stumped! Vishnu’s perception of Google and Microsoft :-)

I love kids! Kids are like de-stressers for me. I love enjoying the way they ask questions and their inquisitiveness. The kid who is my best friend is my 7 year old cousin Vishnu who lives at Fremont, CA.

In my last post, you could ve seen a story written by Vishnu.

image2149.jpg Vishnu is a tech savvy kid. He has his own gmail id on gtalk and has his own PC with protected Internet access only to a couple of games site.

He always logs in to gtalk from his id on weekends and other holidays. When he sees me online, he pings me and we both have long chats about Games , Science experiments, pulling each other’s legs and what not..

So that day, I was pinged by Unshu (as I fondly call him) on gtalk and we were talking about games and stuff.. When it struck me.. I asked him, “Hey Unshu, What do u wanna become when you grow up?” Unshu replied, “I wanna be a game developer!!!”

There was no hesitation. There was no pause. When I was a kid, Computers were never heard of as a household item as it is now. Internet was a dream 🙂 ..

Thats not all.. He shot back questions at me, which i present you as a conversation.

Vishnu: Hey Sandhya, Can I ask you something?

Me: Sure Unshu!

Vishnu: Appa told me that you ll work for Microsoft. IS that true?

Me: Not sure Vishnu! I am interning there. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Vishnu: Oh! Then shall I tell you something which I feel?

Me: Sure Unsh! Go ahead..

Vishnu: Amma works for Google.. SO you better work for Microsoft. Because according to me, Google cannot run without Microsoft.

At that moment, I was dumb struck! How much have these kids been influenced by technologies.

I continued asking him why?

Vishnu: Oh yeah! You dont know? Microsoft has this Windows Stuff on only which Gtalk or google search can run. Moreover Google has only Google talk, Google mail and Google Earth but Microsoft has this whole big Windows and so many programming stuff.

I was totally totally shocked! How much kids these days know? I knew Windows only when I was around 14 or so. But Vishnu already knows to differentiate between Google and Microsoft… Ha ha ha.. He knows that both the companies are rivals already.. And I explained to him the various services offered by Google and Microsoft and he was really happy to know that there was Google Mars and Google Moon.. Ha ha ha..

I guess he ll become a game developer at Microsoft developing Games for X BOX nth version which comes out when he is a developer 15 years later 🙂

All the best Unshu for ur game developing future!!!

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