If we are truly free, why have we to adhere to the 75% attendance rule in colleges or stand up for the national anthem??

So, we all read in school about how our country is democratic, right? And we mention it on every Independence Day, Republic Day and all other conceivable occasions. And we all hold our right to freedom of speech and expression so dear to us, and we all stand up for the national anthem before the movie starts (although some of us, like me, do it rather reluctantly!), right?
Dude, we already know all that. Why are you writing about it? I am sure that is the thought racing through your minds right now. Well, my point is not a very simple one, and I don’t expect too many people to understand it. But here it goes.

Our forefathers (the supposedly great but highly misled and sadomasochistic Gandhi among them), created this nation with the very noble ideas of Liberty and Equality. But these people also framed a law stating that any disrespect shown to the national flag, or anthem and other such symbols of a pseudo democracy, is a punishable offence!
Now I ask, is this not a contradiction? If all men are created equal, and if all have the right to say what they want, why can’t a citizen disagree with the ideal of the very nation he lives in? (I’m not saying that we piss on the flag and do other such vile, obscene things; that certainly is disrespect) I raise a simple issue if I live as a free man in a free country, why am I being forced to stand up to a song that I feel is intrinsically wrong? This is not just hypocrisy, this is deep-rooted wickedness. And ours is not the only nation that’s suffering!

As strange as it may seem, I really don’t identify with nationalism, because I believe all men are the same. Why differentiate between men? Why have borders? True, people who have common culture can have the freedom to stay together if they want to, but why have rigid borders and differences on the basis of race and nationality? Or sex for that matter (no silly, not how frequently, but male or female!)?

The truth is that the priests, politicians and religious leaders want to crush your individuality! They impose all these borders and rules on you to stop you from thinking independently, from living as you want! Of course, they do all this under the garb of culture, political revolution and religion, and yes, through education. Consider this if we are truly free, why have we to adhere to the 75% attendance rule in colleges? Undoubtedly, it is the silliest rule I have seen! If I think I gain nothing from attending a particular lecture, why should I waste my time?

The point, I state again, is that we have unconsciously surrendered our lives to these pathetic morons! The goal of society is merely to create a herd, because a herd has no individuality. Animals move in herds! And all this is being done to curb your freedom. Just look at all that your politicians are saying and your priests as well. Look into it deeply and you will find that they are all out to crush your individuality.

This is not just a time pass article… This is a call to revolution against those very forces that have been oppressing us!
I know most people won’t really understand all that I have written, but if my words can create a spark in you, I shall consider myself a success. And if that spark does come, don’t thank me, thank God or Allah or Bhagwan or whatever you call this existence. May all be blessed!

5 thoughts on “FREEDOM….WHAT IS IT?????????

  1. You are not alone and this has been said too many times to count. If people can really think as they think they are… you and I will not have issues for speaking our mind. 🙂

    Maybe the time will come. But one thing is for sure, the laws may have been necessary 60 years ago. I don’t think they need to remain the same. Why else will Mumbai riot agains North Indians and similar issues all over India. If I am an Indian I have the right to work, stay and study anywhere in India.

    And religion is man made too. If you read the Bible everyday and attend Church regularly you are not going to heaven (if there is a heaven in the first place). And so on…

  2. Absolute freedom is a myth. There is nothing like that. My freedom ends where yours or someone else’s begins. And yours ends where mine or someoene else’s ends. It’s that simple.

    It’s sad that in schools and colleges no one takes the effort to explain this simple reality to students, so that they don’t grow up on a myth and then face the reality with a thud, leading to complete frustration.

    While there is no absolute freedom anywhere on earth, the extent or limitation of freedom differs. The principle works like this: the smaller the circle of your influence and lower your position by way of age or position in your area of operation, the greater the freedom you have. A smaller organisation has comparatively greater freedom for its staff or when a child makes a mistake the girl/boy is pardoned.

    As the circle of your influence grows, ironically, your freedom reduces. That’s because, the extent of freedom is inversely proportional to your responsibility. When your circle of influence grows, your responsibility too grows, and thereby your freedom too comes down.

    A lot frustration among youth is because they don’t understand this simple reality which is as clear as daylight.

    I’m sorry if this sounds like some sort of boring philosophical funda!

  3. hey bla bla bla….
    wat s freedom first….
    see my freedom s to walk nude wit my gal frnd in street….
    wil the government allow me….
    i totally disagree wit u

  4. 75% attendance – thatz ne of teh wrost thinsg fo college life.. to stand up when u hear teh national anthem – itz kind of showing our respect. but if yu pesonally disagree, then do it in a way that it wont hurt teh feelinsg of otehrs… 🙂

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