Instructions to open a book:

1. First take the book.
2. Next keep it in such a way that the bound edge is to the left.




Just open the last page to get into a whole new interesting world… The world which I ve rightly named as DOODLES WORLD!!!!!

Now the last page of a notebook can say a lot about its owner.. If ur last page is empty or if u think doodling in the last page spoils the beauty of ur Chak-a-Chak white book..Then stop!!! Turn the page.. This article is not for you..

On the other hand if u are a typical student like me then read on. Who else better than us would understand the potential of back pages?? It helps us realize our talents. Here.. I am referring to calligraphers and cartoonists.. From fashion designing to profiles.. from writing names in different fonts to checking ambidextrosity …to err practicing forgery… And of course not to forget the caricatures of our beloved profs…
So next time the talent hunt is on…You know where to begin…

Apart from time pass, our back pages serve as our handy dandy telephone diary. We’ll need to call our friends to ask her/him to clarify doubts or to copy down homework sums)U were busy doodling in the class remember!!!!). So along with calligraphy and the cartoons goes the encircled telephone number. (The fact where you wrote is immaterial.)

Another rule\funda that we follow in back pages is FILL UP EVERY SPACE TILL THERE IS NO PLACE!!! A careful study of back pages shows the existence of conversational writings. A few torn ends indicate the same is used for note passing!!

There are innumerable other uses also.. To mention a few (i) TIC TAC TOE, (ii) HOLLYWOOD,
(iii)HANGMAN (Need more explanation?? Then you are the worlds greatest nerd), (iv) Check whether your pen is working by writing on the last or blot ink pens, (v) Math formulae….Last minute revision??? Just flip to the last page.. (vi) Rough Calculations

The last page gets filled with all this and more and becomes a memoir later. A memoir, which can be looked through and remembered like the fossile of life. More to doodle and not enough space?? Don’t Worry… There ll be more notebooks and more backpages…


4 thoughts on “Doodles!!!

  1. one of the best posts by this gal! this was the first instance where i came to know that this gal could write different and wat a difference it makes! imagine sb writing sth on a subject as eccentric as doodle! only sandhya can do that! talent talent! 😉

  2. 🙂 u r someone who really enjoys college life.. man, back pages of books where teh only pages which have any substance – from doodles to phone numers to chits to what not… I still have a couple of notebooks from my college life at my home, and whenever i open and read those backpages, it takes me down the memory lane…

  3. 🙂 Browsing thru ur archive after the hyd bloggers meet.. and this was quite a post. The title of the post would never suggest about the matter… I never looked at it the way you said.. Actually you can make out what a guy is by looking at the backpages.. mine are scribbled with my poems and numbers.. The things i love.. Thanx for the insight!! 🙂

  4. No worries Himanshu.. I ve still preserved my school notebooks just for the heck of the last page scribblings wer I had written poems on guys who were hot 😉

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