The Incredible Journey—> To the station…

Scratch..Scratch..Scratch.. Went my pen on the answer booklet on the day of my Cryptography exam (Dec 4th) which was the last exam of my 7th sem.. Never had my pen gone that fast.. Pls do not jump in to conclusions that I was well versed in that subject.. Naaaa… I wanted to finish first and get the hell outta the hall and enjoy the minutes of freedom!!!

 Added to the excitement was my trip to Mumbai.. Maybe people think its ill omen to have a BOMB in the name of ur city ands maybe they changed it from BOMBay to Mumbai after the ’93 Blasts!!! Anyways, I was looking forward for the trip ‘cos it has been realllly long since i went to Bombay!! Above all.. the worst/best part is I was travelling by Dadar Express 😦 ..

That never downed my excitement.. I packed stuff like hell and literally sat on the suitcase to close it as I was gonna stay for 10 days there.. The damn train started at 7 AM which was obviously midnight for me!! So I had to start from my home at 5:45 AM so that am early to catch the train…

Mumbai.. Here I come.. (Un)Surprisingly an early december morning at Chennai was not as cold as I expected :-D..  The cab guy whom we had booked to take us (me, my cousin n aunt) to the station drove us to the airport thinking we were boarding the Mumbai early mrg flight!! Man!! The spohisticated look does pay off.. But always at the wrong time!!

 My aunt got really tensed and started yelling at the cab driver.. All he could do was sheepishly grin ands apologize.. The time was 6 AM and we had only an hour to catch the train and we were more than 10 kilometers from the Chennai Central.. My aunt started chanting all of her favourite deities’ names and wat not???!! LOL..

I put my head outta the window.. The fresh morning air combined with the speed of the car was the best one could ever experience.. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…… I cared less about my hair getting messed up… I cared less about catching the train.. I even cared less if the driver was gonna hit the guy in front.. Sometimes I am selfish :P.. For those who cant visualize the effect, just recollect the Maruti Alto Ad on TV during the cricket matches.. Minus the rain in the ad wa my effect.. Of course the ninny driver of my cab  was no match to the handsome guy in the ad!! 😦

 The driver raced through the Mount Road in fullest speed so that we reached the station in time to catch the train.. We had a great zig zag journey to the station with lotsa sudden brakes to adhere to the signals. (damn!!!)…

Finally we reached the station at 6:20 AM.. Wow..thats a feat.. The driver deserves applause but all of us tried to be stern so that he dint do the same mistake.. Once bitten twice shy :-D…

Finally with fullest expectations to find handsome guys to accompany me during the travel, I stepped into the station.. I found 3 handsome hunks in front of me hurrying to get into the platform where my train stood.. I was happy.. Not just happy.. Double happy.. I was gearing up my flirting character when all the three of them got into the AC compartment.. Damn!! God does play with my life.. I kept my fingers crossed  till i got into my coach hoping to find some guy atleast there..

I dropped my jaw when I entered my coupe!! Yes.. Just as I “un”expected! 😥 .. I was surrounded by senior citizens…. waaaaaaaahhhhh….. I only hoped to try my luck at Mumbai Local trains :-P..

Indeed it was an Incredible jouney to the station and I would never forgive God for putting me up with senior citizens all around me in my coupe… grrrrrrrr!!!! Waiting for my day!!!!!

One thought on “The Incredible Journey—> To the station…

  1. Man, this is real sad!This shouldn’t have happened to such a nice, cute girlie like you!duh;)Now, go get a hershey’s bar and pacify yourself!Sometimes , life isn’t just fair!hee hee!Cheer up!

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